Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 Election - Pick Six to Save Health Care

TO: America's Doctors, Nurses, and other Health Care Professionals

FROM: Fellow Medical Professionals and Patriots


There are roughly 800,000 doctors in America. Some political races are determined by hundreds, even tens of votes. If America's doctors work together to protect our patients and our profession, WE CAN SERIOUSLY IMPACT THE COURSE OF THE 2010 ELECTION.

If you believe that the massive "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA) will do none of the things its title implies, please keep reading and we'll tell you how YOU can take a stand for yourself and your patients. You already know the bill is bad; every day there are new unintended consequences (or "side effects") which prove that it's even worse than we feared.

Hundreds of Congressional races are too close to call. Well funded "ObamaCare" candidates are running neck and neck with political newcomers, including many physicians, who want to roll back the government takeover of health care and replace it with common sense measures that really WILL bend the cost curve down and provide better access to care.

If you're still reading, you probably agree we need to support candidates who want to repeal the PPACA, and if the Republicans take control of the House and/or the Senate, this is a very real possibility.

So what can you do to help make that happen?

Actually, there are THREE things you can do to make a BIG difference on Nov. 2nd.

1. VOTE and get colleagues and others who agree to do the same - and talk to patients about your choices, because they really WANT TO KNOW what you think. Get an absentee ballot if there's ANY chance you might get too busy that day.

2. COPY AND PASTE this email into a new email box and send it to 5 colleagues. Or 10. Or 100. Or every other doctor you know. Or you can just forward it. If you like, add YOUR NAME, specialty and where you practice to the top of the list before you send it.


Listed below are the closest Senate and House races in the nation. These races are so tight that a last minute infusion of campaign funds could tip the balance to the candidate who supports quality medicine and away from an incumbent who voted for the PPACA or who now refuses to denounce it.

We've researched the candidates and selected the ones we believe will fight hardest for doctors and patients. Those candidates are highlighted, and links to their campaign websites are provided. Yes, our choices are partisan, because only Democrats voted for the PPACA.

THEN, WE'D LIKE YOU TO PICK SIX (or 8 or 10) candidates and send each candidate $50 RIGHT NOW.

With your help getting out the word, we're hoping thousands of doctors in our personal and professional networks and email lists will PICK SIX TO SAVE HEALTH CARE.

$50 isn't that big a contribution, but multiply your $50 by 1,000, or 10,000 or 100,000 and, well, you can see where we're going with this. America's DOCTORS could make the difference on November 2.

Do it right now, while it's up on your screen.

We've made it easy - look over the races and pick the ones you like. They ALL need help to clinch a victory and send people who PASSED the health care bill home in January. Click on their websites and make an online donation. Then, do it several more times.

Then, almost as important as the contributions, PLEASE SEND THIS EMAIL TO AT LEAST FIVE OTHER MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. Or to every one you know. And please feel free to add your name to the list of physicians supporting this effort.

Herb Kunkle, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Ashland, PA

Donna Baver Rovito, Editor, Liability and Health News Update, Allentown, PA (

Ira Smith, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Mount Laurel, NJ

Scot Paris, MD, General and Colon Rectal Surgery, Pottstown, PA

Phyllis Parcella, MD, Anesthesia, Reading, PA


The text of this email and the live links will be available online at the following sites until Election Day; if you'd like to post it on your own site, please do, and add it to our list:

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Close Senate Races:

(*PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - also known as "ObamaCare." "YES" votes are highlighted in yellow.)

(* Indicates race currently considered a "toss up" by some polls.)

(States or districts in blue indicate seats currently held by the Democratic Party; red indicates seats currently held by the Republican Party.)

*California (Currently Democratic)

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (R) v. Third-term incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D) (YES on PPACA)
Donate to Carly Fiorina: Campaign Site
Though Boxer won in 2004 with 57.8% of the vote, her outspoken liberal views don’t resonate as well as they used to, even in California. Boxer is outproducing Fiorina in the official fundraising totals for the campaigns, but Fiorina could devote more of her own substantial wealth to the race. In addition, outside groups like Karl Rove's "American Crossroads" are investing in ads to help Fiorina. Fiorina is supported by Doctors for Patient Care (D4PC) and "Physicians for Freedom." Leans to Democratic hold.
*Colorado (Currently Democratic)
Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck (R) v. Two-year incumbent Senator Michael Bennet (D) (YES on PPACA)
Donate to Ken Buck: Campaign Site
Bennet is the incumbent which is hurting him in the relatively balanced state of Colorado. Buck is considered extremely conservative and a Tea Party favorite in the state. Most polls now have the race within a margin of five points. Bennet has accused Buck of holding extreme viewpoints on Medicare and Social Security. Buck is supported by "Physicians for Freedom." Leans Republican.
*Connecticut (Currently Democratic)
Businesswoman Linda McMahon (R) v. State Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal (D)
Donate to Linda McMahon: Campaign Site
Democrats had every reason to believe this seat was safe after unpopular incumbent Chris Dodd decided to retire and Blumenthal, the longtime attorney general stepped in. This is a very Democratic state, with strong liberal traditions, and Republicans nominated a candidate who at first blush had far more downsides than up: Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. But Blumenthal ran into trouble when he had to admit he hadn’t been completely honest in citing his military service (he implied he was in Vietnam but wasn’t), and, for all his experience, he’s proved a weak and wooden campaigner. The anti-establishment mood of the public isn’t helping him, either. Blumenthal still rates a slight edge, but October will be a crucial month. Leans Democratic hold.
Florida - (Currently Republican - 3-way race)
Former State House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) v. U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) v. Gov. Charlie Crist (I)
Donate to Marco Rubio: Campaign Site became the darling of national conservative groups, and the party establishment began flocking to his side last spring, but since Crist dropped out of the GOP primary and decided to run as an independent, Rubio has moved away from angry rhetoric to offer more concrete policy positions, adding nuance to his positions on hot-button social issues such as immigration. Meek, the son of longtime U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, won the Democratic primary easily, but Meek has yet to catch on with independents. Rubio holds a double-digit lead in most polls. Rubio is supported by the AMA and "Physicians for Freedom." Leans Republican hold.
*Illinois (Open - Currently Democratic)
Five-term U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R) v. State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D)
Donate to Mark Kirk: Campaign Site
This is Obama’s old Senate seat, a fact that immediately raises the stakes and makes the contest a symbol of the entire battle for Senate control. Kirk and Giannoulias are both running tough -- some would say nasty -- negative campaigns, tearing each other down at every opportunity. And each candidate is giving the other plenty to work with. Kirk is a Commander in the US. Naval Reserve and is supported by "Physicians for Freedom." Neither side really has the momentum, as both have been neck-and-neck in the polls for weeks now. Leans to Republican takeover.
Kentucky - (Currently Republican)
Opthalmologist Dr. Rand Paul (R) v. State Atty. Gen. Jack Conway (D)
Donate to Dr. Rand Paul: Campaign Site
Dr. Rand Paul is a fierce fiscal conservative who won the Republican nomination over the Republican establishment candidate. Since that time Paul has made a number of embarrassing statements, and some of his more extreme viewpoints have cost him. What once seemed like a Republican-lock has remained a fairly competitive race as Conway has proven popular among many voters in Kentucky. It may be too much to ask for Conway to win the seat given the political climate. A Dr. Rand Paul victory would increase the Senate Doctors' Caucus to three. Leans to Republican hold.
Missouri (Open - Currently Republican)
Seven-term U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt (R) v. MO Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D)
Donate to Roy Blunt: Campaign Site
Missouri was split almost evenly in the 2008 presidential race, and 2010 may also be close. Blunt has held a consistent lead in the polls, mostly by convincing voters that Carnahan would be a rubberstamp for Obama’s policies. Both candidates have gone very negative in the campaign. Unless Carnahan is able to change momentum this race is lost for Democrats. The Washington Post now has this race as "lean" Republican, but Democrats maintain that they still have a chance. Likely Republican hold.
*Nevada (Currently Democratic)
Former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (R) v. Four-term incumbent Harry Reid (D) (YES on PPACA)
Donate to Sharron Angle: Campaign Site
Reid is the Senate Majority Leader and was thought to be all-but-dead politically given the anti-incumbent mood and the poor economy in Nevada. However, when Sharon Angle won the Republican nomination Reid was able to capitalize on some of her more extreme viewpoints. Polls have recently shown Angle gaining a slight lead after Reid had led in the polls for much of the past two months. Angle is supported by "Physicians for Freedom." Toss-up.
Pennsylvania (Currently Democratic)
Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey (R) v. Two-term U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak (D) (YES on PPACA as a House Rep.)
Donate to Pat Toomey: Campaign Site
This race will tighten in the homestretch with a blitz of advertising and grassroots work and an infusion of resources from the national parties. Still, Republicans have a very good shot of netting a Senate gain. Pennsylvania is a fairly split state that has tended to lean more Democrat over the last decade. Sestak was able to defeat long-time incumbent Arlen Specter in order to win the Democratic nomination. Unfortunately, the political climate has also cost Sestak who otherwise has impressive campaign credentials. About two weeks ago Sestak has closed within about four points of Toomey. Since that time an average of polls has Toomey growing his lead to six points. Recent polls show Sestak closing in on Toomey's lead. Toomey is supported by the AMA, Doctors for Patient Care (D4PC), and "Physicians for Freedom." Leans Republican.
*Washington (Currently Democratic)
Former State Sen. Dino Rossi (R) v. 3-term incumbent Senator Patty Murray (D) (YES on PPACA)
Donate to Dino Rossi: Campaign Site
The two candidates couldn’t differ more on issues. While Murray has supported almost all of Obama’s agenda, Rossi wants to repeal health care and financial reform legislation, stop stimulus grants and use the money to pay down the debt. He says he would have voted against Supreme Court nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Rossi is generally considered to be the one holding the momentum, but the most recent polls have Murray gaining. Rossi is supported by "Physicians for Freedom." Leans Democratic hold.
*West Virginia (Open seat, formerly Democratic - the late Robert Byrd's seat)
Businessman John Raese (R) v. Governor Joe Manchin (D)
Donate to John Raese: Campaign Site
Governor Manchin is a very popular Governor of West Virginia, but voters seem reluctant to send him to Washington D.C. to serve as their Senator. The state generally votes for Democrats, but Raese has taken advantage of the anti-Obama mood and succeeded in connecting Manchin to the President. Earlier this month nearly every poll had him trailing Raese, but now Manchin either leads or finds himself tied with Raese in most polls. Toss-up.
Wisconsin (Currently Democratic)
Businessman Ron Johnson (R) v. Incumbent Russ Feingold (D) (YES on PPACA)
Donate to Ron Johnson: Campaign Site
Senator Feingold is a true progressive who was once well-liked within the state. However, the politics of Wisconsin has changed over time and this is simply a very, very bad year for Feingold to be up for re-election given the economy, bailouts, etc. Johnson has opened up a double-digit lead in most polls with the help of many campaign ads. Ron Johnson is supported by Doctors for Patient Care (D4PC). Following a debate last week most polls had Feingold gaining anywhere from three to five points, but he still trails by a fairly large margin at this point. Leans Republican.
Thanks to Kiplinger and RealClearPolitics for most of the analysis of these Senate races.


(*PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - also known as "ObamaCare." "YES" votes are highlighted in yellow.)

(States or districts in blue indicate seats currently held by the Democratic Party; red indicates seats currently held by the Republican Party.)

AL-02 Alabama District 2
Martha Roby (R) vs. Incumbent Bobby Bright (D)
Contribute to the Martha Roby campaign
Democratic incumbent Bobby Bright secured his 2008 election by only 50.23% of the vote to his Republican challenger’s 49.61%. Before the narrow upset in 2008, Republicans had held the seat for more than four decades. This year Bright is up against Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby, a lawyer and Republican Young Gun.

AR-01 Arkansas District 1 (Open-Dem)
Rick Crawford (R) vs. Chad Causey (D)
Contribute to the Rick Crawford campaign
Democrat Marion Berry will retire after this, his seventh term. Democrats managed to recruit a decent candidate in Chad Causey, Berry's Ex-Chief of Staff. The Republican nominee for the open seat is Rick Crawford, Farm Broadcaster, AgWatch Network President, and Army Veteran who advanced to the rank of Sergeant in under three years, and earned numerous medals for service in the U.S. and Southwest Asia. From his campaign website: "I strongly support repealing and replacing this fatally-flawed bill with legislation that enhances care, improves access, and controls costs."

AZ-01 Arizona District 1
Dr. Paul Gosar (R) vs. Incumbent Anne Kirkpatrick (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Dr. Paul Gosar campaign
Former county prosecutor Ann Kirkpatrick captured this seat in 2008. This is a traditionally Republican district and Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona's illegal immigration law has placed Kirkpatrick in a vulnerable position. The GOP picked Tea Party favorite Dentist Dr. Paul Gosar in the highly contested AZ-01 primary. Dr. Gosar is running on a platform calling for smaller government and tough illegal immigration policies

AZ-05 Arizona District 5
David Schweikert (R) vs. Incumbent Harry Mitchell (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the David Schweikert campaign
Democrat Harry Mitchell, former mayor of Tempe, upset six term incumbent Republican J.D. Hayworth in 2006 and won handily in 2008. Illegal immigration has put Mitchell on the hot seat. The GOP candidate, David Schweikert, former Arizona state representative and current Treasurer of Maricopa County, was responsible for protecting billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

CA-11 California District 11
David Harmer (R) vs. Incumbent Jerry McNerney (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the David Harmer campaign
Jerry McNerney has voted with the Democrat majority 95.2% of the time during the current Congress. He has been an adamant backer of the ‘stimulus', the National Energy Tax, and the health care bill. That makes him an easy target for the fiscally responsible David Harmer, successful attorney, businessman, and community leader.

DE-AL Delaware - At Large
Glen Urquhart (R) vs. John Carney (D)
Contribute to the Glen Urquhart campaign
Mike Castle, defeated by Christine O'Donnell for Delaware's Senate Seat, has held this seat easily since 1993. Dem. Lt. Gov. John Carney, is up against the GOP's Glen Urquhart, a successful businessman with Washington experience.

FL-02 Florida District 2
Steve Southerland (R) vs. Incumbent Allen Boyd (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Steve Southerland campaign
Allen Boyd’s yes vote on health care reform in March, after previously voting no last November, provides an opening for Republican attacks. The State Senate Minority came close to unseating Boyd in a very close primary so Boyd did not escape unscathed to face the Republican primary winner, longtime funeral director Steve Southerland. Southerland is supported by the Physicians for Freedom.

FL-08 Florida District 8
Daniel Webster (R) vs. Incumbent Alan Grayson (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Daniel Webster campaign
Freshman Dem Alan Grayson, a member of the extremely liberal Congressional Progressive Caucus, became controversial for his claim that the Republicans' health care plan wanted sick people to "Die quickly." The GOP chose former Florida Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader Daniel Webster to go up against Grayson in the general election. Webster is supported by the Physicians for Freedom.

FL-22 Florida District 22
Allen West (R) vs. Incumbent Ron Klein (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Allen West campaign
In 2006, Dem Ron Klein unseated incumbent Republican E. Clay Shaw, Jr. in a close race and was re-elected. Army Lt. Col. Allen West has evolved into a hero of sorts to conservatives due to his inspiring oratory and unapologetic defense of key conservative issues.

GA-08 Georgia District 8
Austin Scott (R) vs. Incumbent Jim Marshall (D)
Contribute to the Austin Scott campaign
Jim Marshall has positioned himself as a conservative Democrat by opposing his party on issues such as healthcare and supporting tax cuts proposed by Republicans. He will go against the GOP's Austin Scott, businessman and former member of the Georgia State Assembly for 14 years. Scott will focus on healthcare, spending, and jobs and is supported by both the American Medical Association and the Doctors for Patient Care.

HI-01 Hawaii District 1
Incumbent Charles Djou (R) vs. Colleen Hanabusa (D)
Contribute to the Charles Djou campaign
Charles Djou capitalized on a nasty split in the HI Democratic Party and won the recent special election in HI-01. As the incumbent in a traditionally Democrat district, Djou will have to defend his seat against Colleen Hanabusa, the current Majority Leader of the Hawaii Senate. Djou signed the discharge petition to force a House vote to repeal the PPACA - he was not in the House when the actual vote took place.

IA-03 Iowa District 3
Brad Zaun (R) vs. Incumbent Leonard Boswell (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Brad Zaun campaign
Boswell’s liberal voting record demonstrates that his loyalties lie with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time. Boswell will be hard-pressed to win as he faces strong Republican candidate Brad Zaun - State Senator, former Mayor of Urbandale, and Business Owner

IL-10 Illinois District 10 (Open-Rep)
Bob Dold (R) vs. Dan Seals (D)
Contribute to the Bob Dold campaign
IL-10 is an open seat previously held by GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk that has been in Republican hands for 30 years. Businessman Robert Dold, the GOP candidate, will bring his small business experience to the race with a focus on jobs and fiscal responsibility. Dem candidate Dan Seals has lost twice in his bid for the 10th District seat.

IL-14 Illinois District 14
Randy Hultgren (R) vs. Incumbent Bill Foster (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Randy Hultgren campaign
IL-08 was a Republican seat from 1939 to 2008. First term Pelosi supporter Bill Foster will be hard pressed to hold on to that seat against State Senator and businessman Randy Hultgren. Hultgren's focus in the Illinois Senate as well as the House has been on reducing taxes and government waste.

IN-09 Indiana District 9
Todd Young (R) vs. Incumbent Baron Hill (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Todd Young campaign
Baron Hill has earned the distinction of being the only Democrat in Indiana to vote for the stimulus package, the PPACA, and the job-killing National Energy Tax. He is up against former Marine Corps Captain and attorney Todd Young, who serves as a part time Orange County prosecutor in addition to private practice, who promises to fight for job creation, fiscal responsibility, 2nd Amendment rights, and national defense.

MA-10 Massachusetts District 10
Jeff Perry (R) vs. Incumbent William Keating (D)
Contribute to the Jeff Perry campaign
Democrat Bill Delahunt, representative since 1997, is retiring at the end of this term. State Representative, Attorney and College Professor Jeff Perry won the Massachusett's GOP primary with a convincing 62% of the vote. Perry will face Norfolk County District Attorney Bill Keating, who has a record of tax hikes and big spending. Jeff Perry has been a fiscal watchdog in the state legislature.

MI-07 Michigan District 7
Tim Walberg (R) vs. Incumbent Mark Schauer (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Tim Walberg campaign
This year former Rep. Tim Wahlberg will have a rematch with freshman Dem Mark Schauer who took the seat from him by a narrow margin in the 2008 election. In 2010 the odds favor a Wahlberg victory in this traditional Republican district - but he will have to overcome a big funding lead by the very liberal Schauer.

MS-01 Mississippi District 1
Alan Nunnelee (R) vs. Incumbent Travis Childers (D)
Contribute to the Alan Nunnelee campaign
This is clearly a district with a strong Republican base and Childers’ voting record over the past two years has led to an unfavorable opinion amongst the electorate. State Senator Alan Nunnelee was instrumental in the passage of tort reform in Mississippi and has a special interest in public health issues.

NC-08 North Carolina District 8
Harold Johnson (R) vs. Incumbent Larry Kissell (D)
Contribute to the Harold Johnson campaign
Freshman Democrat Larry Kissell won this traditionally Republican seat in the Obama year of 2008. The Republican candidate is Harold Johnson, former Marine expert rifleman and well known radio personality. Kissell's suport for the trillion-dollar-stimulus bill and his 96.1% Pelosi voting record will be a big drag on his candidacy.

NC-11 North Carolina District 11
Jeff Miller (R) vs. Incumbent Health Shuler (D)
Contribute to the Jeff Miller campaign
Democrat Heath Shuler, first elected in 2006, had a weak showing in the Democratic primary. Businessman Jeff Miller, owner of Miller's Cleaners, a business started by his father, won an impressive primary victory and has been designated a "Young Gun" by the NRCC. Miller has pledged to listen to his constituents and put their interests above the party agenda and Washington special interest groups.

NH-02 New Hampshire District 2
Charlie Bass (R) vs. Incumbent Ann Kuster (D)
Contribute to the Charlie Bass campaign
Democrat Paul Hodes, now in his second term, vacated this seat to run for the U.S. Senate. Former U.S. Representative Charlie Bass, who lost his seat to Hodes in 2006, won the GOP primary. He will go against Dem Ann McLane Kuster. Charlie Bass has a proven record of fighting for policies that create jobs, cut excessive government spending and promote alternative energies.

NM-02 New Mexico District 2
Steve Pearce (R) vs. Incumbent Harry Teague (D)
Contribute to the Steve Pearce campaign
Freshman Dem Harry Teague’s loyalty to Nancy Pelosi has put him at odds with his conservative constituents and in a position to lose to former 2nd District Congressman Steve Pearce, a former Air Force pilot who flew missions into Vietnam, for which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross. While Pearce stands for fiscal responsibility and reducing the federal debt, Teague has voted for billions in wasteful spending, tax increases, and unprecedented government control.

NV-03 Nevada District 3
Dr. Joe Heck (R) vs. Incumbent Dina Titus (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Dr. Joe Heck campaign
Dina Titus rode the Democrat wave to victory in 2008. This year she has her work cut out for her against the GOP's Dr. Joe Heck, former State Senator, emergency room doctor, Colonel in the Army Reserve, and businessman who was recently deployed to Iraq and commands a Medical Readiness Support Group. Heck's views on fiscal responsibility contrast against Titus' record of 97.3% support for the Pelosi spending spree.

NY-24 New York District 24
Richard Hanna (R) vs. Incumbent Mike Arcuri (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Richard Hanna campaign
In the open seat election in 2006, Democrat Michael Arcuri defeated the Republican to become the first Democrat to represent the 24th in more than six decades. Republican Richard Hanna, owner of Hanna Construction, which employs 450 people, challenges Arcuri again after a two point loss in 2008. This year will a re-match without Obama coattails for Arcuri against the conservative deficit-hawk Hanna.

OH-16 Ohio District 16
Jim Renacci (R) vs. Incumbent John Boccieri (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Jim Renacci campaign
John Boccieri was elected in the Obama wave of 2008, the first Dem to represent OH-16 since 1951. It will be a tough seat to hold against the GOP's Jim Renacci, businessman, financial consultant, and former mayor of Wadsworth. As mayor, Renacci turned deficit budgets into surpluses, a lesson he promises to bring to Washington.

PA-03 Pennsylvania District 3
Mike Kelly (R) vs. Incumbent Kathy Dahlkemper (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Mike Kelly campaign
In 2008, a good year for the Dems, political newcomer Kathy Dahlkemper barely won by a two percent margin. She faces Republican candidate and former Notre Dame defensive tackle Mike Kelly, owner of Kelly Chevrolet-Cadillac-Hyundai-Kia, which employs over 100 people. He is committed to holding the line on spending and paying down the debt.

PA-06 Pennsylvania District 6
Incumbent Jim Gerlach (R) vs. Manan Trivedi (D)
Contribute to the Jim Gerlach campaign
Jim Gerlach has represented PA-06 since 2004 and has received support from area doctors and the AMA since his days in the PA State Senate when he fought for medical liability reform. This year the Dems have nominated political newcomer and primary care physician Dr. Manan Trivedi, one of Pres. Obama's campaign health care advisors, who not only supports the PPACA, but wishes it had gone further. Gerlach, campaigning on lower taxes and creating jobs, once again has the support of the AMA even though his opponent is a physician. Doctors in his district have formed "Docs for Gerlach" to support him.

PA-07 Pennsylvania District 7 (Open-Dem)
Pat Meehan (R) vs. Bryan Lentz (D)
Contribute to the Pat Meehan campaign
One of the GOP’s best candidates in the country, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and Delaware County District Attorney Pat Meehan, is taking on state Representative Bryan Lentz in a highly competitive race for the open PA-07 seat currently held by Democrat Joe Sestak. Under Pat’s leadership, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia became the national leader in prosecuting healthcare fraud and prosecuted cases against negligent nursing facilities.

PA-11 Pennsylvania District 11
Lou Barletta (R) vs. Incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Lou Barletta campaign
Dem Paul Kanjorski has represented PA-11 since 1984 and votes with Nancy Pelosi 97.3% of the time. His GOP opponent is third term Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who gained national recognition for cracking down on illegal immigrants in the coal town and brought the city back from serious budget shortfalls to an impressive revitalization. Mayor Barletta has the proven experience needed in Washington to rein in spending and pay down the debt Physicians in his district support him and a past president of the PA Medical Society recently appeared with him and former NY. Governor George Pataki to support repealing the PPACA.

SC-05 South Carolina District 5
Mick Mulvaney (R) vs. Incumbent John Spratt (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Mick Mulvaney campaign
John Spratt, Pelosi's Budget Chairman, was chief architect of the PPACA. That's enough reason to replace him with GOP candidate SC State Senator Mick Mulvaney, lawyer and owner-operator of Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina, who also works with his family's real estate and home building company. Mulvaney's views on the limited role of government and the need to reduce taxes and spending to encourage job growth should play well against Spratt, the author of the largest federal budget in history. In 2010 he was named Legislator of the Year for his work in support of the State’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

SD-AL South Dakota - At Large
Kristi Noem (R) vs. Incumbent Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D)
Contribute to the Kristi Noem campaign
After the incumbent resigned in 2004, Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin won the special election with 51% of the vote. She proudly supported the $787 billion failed stimulus package and voted for the most fiscally irresponsible budget in history. This year she is up against fiscal conservative Kristi Noem, who was elected to District 6 of the SD House of Representatives in 2006. Kristi Noem worked on her family's cattle ranch for 17 years, owned and operated a hunting operation, and helped manage the family restaurant.

TN-08 Tennessee District 8 (Open-Dem)
Stephen Fincher (R) vs. Roy Herron (D)
Contribute to the Stephen Fincher campaign
The retirement of the popular Dem Rep. John Tanner has opened the door for a Republican takeover of a seat that has been in Democrat hands for forty years. State Senator Roy Herron will try to hold on to TN-08 against the GOP's Stephen Fincher, managing partner of Fincher Farms, a West Tennessee based business farming cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat and well-known gospel singer, whose platform is focused on limited government and jobs.

TX-17 Texas District 17
Bill Flores (R) vs. Incumbent Chet Edwards (D)
Contribute to the Bill Flores campaign
TX-17 is the most conservative district held by a Democrat member of the House. That's bad news for Dem Chet Edwards, a 97% Pelosi supporter. Edwards faces off against GOP businessman Bill Flores who has a proven track record as a job creator as CFO and CEO of several successful major corporations in the oil and gas industry.

TX-23 Texas District 23
Francisco "Quico" Canseco (R) vs. Incumbent Ciro Rodriguez (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Francisco "Quico" Canseco campaign
Ciro Rodriguez will be facing a tough re-election contest this cycle against Francisco "Quico" Canseco, attorney and business owner who developed shopping centers and retail stores throughout the area and created hundreds of jobs. Rodriguez has voted with Nancy Pelosi and Dem leaders 98.1% of the time and holds the most liberal record of any Hispanic in Texas' delegation. Canseco's fiscally responsible message should resonate with Texans. Through his family's Canseco Foundation, "Quico" funds the Sisters of Mercy who work to administer immunizations, improve early childhood care, and run health clinics; A&M International University’s School of Nursing, and scholarships for nursing students.

VA-05 Virginia District 5
Robert Hurt (R) vs. Incumbent Tom Perriello (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Robert Hurt campaign
After winning by a 727-vote margin in 2008, Tom Perriello returns this fall to face Republican State Senator Rob Hurt, a lawyer and former Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney for Pittsylvania County, in what is clearly an uphill battle for the incumbent. Perriello’s liberal voting record puts him at a distinct disadvantage against Hurt, who has voted consistently against increased state spending and bloated budgets

WA-03 Washington District 3 (Open - Dem)
Jaime Herrera (R) vs. Denny Heck (D)
Contribute to the Jaime Herrera campaign
Democrat Brian Baird, WA-03 Representative since 1999, is retiring. State Representative Jaime Herrera was the winner of the Republican primary and she will go up against Democrat primary winner Denny Heck. This district has been trending Republican in recent years and will be very competitive with Herrera having to work hard to overcome the big funding advantage of Democrat Heck. In the state legislature, Herrera spearheaded a successful proposal to expand affordable health insurance options for Washingtonians.

WI-07 Wisconsin District 7 (Open - Dem)
Sean Duffy (R) vs. Julie Lassa (D)
Contribute to the Sean Duffy campaign
Dem David Obey, a fixture on Capital Hill for more than 40 years, announced his retirement a few months prior to the primary. The Dems selected State Senator Julia Lassa - career politician, supporter of bloated budgets, tax hikes, and government health care takeovers. Ashland County D.A. Sean Duffy's economic philosophy is based on the principle that the individual – not the government – is the engine of American prosperity. Duffy carries on his family's lumberjacking tradition as a nationally recognized professional lumberjack athlete.

WI-08 Wisconsin District 8
Reid Ribble (R) vs. Incumbent Steve Kagen (D) (YES on PPACA)
Contribute to the Reid Ribble campaign
Democrat Steve Kagen will take on political outsider Reid Ribble, roofing contracting owner/operator who won the Republican primary with 50% of the vote over three competitors. Ribble brings 35 years of successful business experience into this race. He knows what it takes to create jobs and balance a budget.

WV-01 West Virginia District 1 (Open - Dem)
David McKinley (R) vs. Mike Oliverio (D)
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Incumbent Democrat and ethically challenged Alan Mollohan didn't win the Dem primary and that effectively turned WV-01 into an open seat. The Dems have nominated career politician Mike Oliverio, a member of the WV House. The GOP candidate is David McKinley, former member of the WV House and owner of McKinley and Associates, an architectural and engineering company that has grown to include offices in Wheeling and Charleston, WV and Washington, PA. McKinley authored the WV law which prohibited insurance companies from cancelling insurance to individuals diagnosed with HIV; he is married to a nurse.

The information above is compiled from several sources, including:, Real Clear Politics, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the American Medical Association, Doctors for Patient Care, Dick, Vote from, the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Rasmussen and more.

10/20/2010 - Liability and Health News Update

by Donna Baver Rovito
Editor, Liability and Health News Update
Author, Pennsylvania's Disappearing Doctors

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((This piece is a frightening insight into what awaits America's physicians under the PPACA....))
The Taking David V. Cossman, MD
General Surgery News, October, 2010 - Volume 37:10

taking (n.) An act by government depriving a person of private real or imagined personal property without payment of just compensation.
The Taking. No, it’s not the sequel to “The Shining.” It’s worse. It’s what I thought of after I read nearly all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Reading it was only slightly more painful than the “Aeneid,” in Latin. Nancy Pelosi was right. We needed to wait until health care reform passed so we could find out what was in the bill. Doing so did not make me happy. Not as a taxpayer. Not as a patient. Not as an employer. But especially, not as a physician. The doctors get “redrum”-ed just like in “The Shining.” By the time I got to page 2,407, I was convinced that the bill had been designed intentionally for failure because the architects were sore they had to remove the public option and wanted to throw health care into chaos to expedite a second run at a federal takeover. Read the rest:


ObamaCare will clog America's medical system
USA Today
By Marc Siegel

A month ago, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to the president of America's Health Insurance Plans stating that the impact on insurance premiums from "the new consumer protections and increased quality provisions" of the new health reform law "will be minimal ... no more than 1% to 2%." Sebelius warned Karen Ignagni that there would be "zero tolerance" for insurers blaming unjustified premium increases on the new law. Talk about subtle.
Sebelius' threat, though, obscures a larger problem: The new health care law mandates and extends the kind of insurance that breeds overuse, thereby driving up costs and premiums. And here I thought the reform intended to reduce costs.
Read more:

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